GM Ignition Switch Economic Settlement Claims Center

Darrell – Oct 25, 2020

After recieving my recall notice I went to LaFontaine Cadillac in Michigan, after they performed the recall problem with the ignition my 2000 Cadillac from time to time when starting the car the security light comes on, not knowing what would happen I have to turn the car off and restart so the light goes off. I’m not sure if I drove the car with the security light on if the car would turn off on it’s own, or lights flashing and horn blowing or what would happen. I would like to be included in the settlement claim as I still have the car with only 159,000 thousand miles.

Sabrina – Oct 15, 2020

I would start to turn left and about about 1/3 of they way into the turn the motor would die and I lost power steering, no motor and no brakes. Came very close to Getting hit by oncoming Traffic. Had to man handle the Steering and try to put it in Neutral so I could restart the truck motor so I could get my brakes to work and regain my power steering or wait till the truck stopped so I could put it in Park to get it to start the motor so I get the steering and brakes to work again.

Christian – Oct 12, 2020

Marvel -unique ID; DWY2QES6H5
I recieved a notification post card address to me for a property that I owner 2005 GMC Cadillac recalled for air bag and inigition switch. The car just stop working unable to start the car. Before it completely shut down the car was always going back and forth for repairs and the last time we were able to use the car it caught a fire and we were scared for our lives.

Antonio – Oct 09, 2020

My Ignition would not turn and my car had to be towed I no longer have the car because of the problem.
Brenda Johnson
1306 N. Lake of the Woods Road
Columbia Mo 65202

Terry – Oct 08, 2020

My ignition would not turn and my car would not start had to have it towed to the shop don’t know what happened woke up and went to start the car and couldn”t .I have gotten rid of the car because of the problem’s I had with the car.The car was a Pontiac G6 GT 2008. My name is Don Gardner and I was mail the settlement letter and I Would Like to be part of the proposed settlement . Please inform me if u need anything from me .My address is 4326 S. Indiana Ave Chicago, IL 60653

Terry – Oct 04, 2020

My key wouldn’t shut off of let me even start the car Was stranded several times Too it to McDaniels Oh in Marion They fixed it but it cost me a pretty penny I need my car and can’t get stranded .It would work sometimes and not the next It also caused other issues ,that I had to get fixed Josephine Garrett. 1145 Fair wood Ave. Marion Ohio

Jacquelyn – Oct 01, 2020

My steering column froze on me I own 2 gm cars. D8VKN9WL8H

Grant – Sep 22, 2020

I received a post card with unique ID: DKZRNXY7MB for a 2014 Acadia I need your help for this claim. Robert Jackson

Elizabeth – Sep 22, 2020

I have received to postcards with different IDs D6TEZNR217. And the other is DW7AJ46FVK. For my GMC Acadia and Pontiac Grand Am I am assuming. What do I need to do for the claim? My email address is: [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am not sure what needs to be done on this to put in a claim. Thanks, Deb Roberts

Brandon – Sep 20, 2020


Jermaine – Sep 09, 2020

I had problems with the ignition switchs on both gm cars. ID: DMDSQ2ERYZ and ID: DRLWCAB8DK. I do not have of cars now.

Ralph Watts

Devon – Sep 02, 2020

I received two postcards in the mailone for mycurrent address and another for an adress that i owed property on but do not live at states a propsed class settlement settlement of economic loss claims by persons who owed or leased GMC

Kate – Sep 02, 2020

had problems with ignition switch over the time that i owed two chevrolet vehicles 2007 chevrolet impala and a 2009 chevrolet canyon pick up truck thank you Clark Wallace

Theodore – Aug 18, 2020

My steering column froze up as my car died and thought it was power steering fluid issue and then find out it doesn’t take power steering fluid I had my 13 yr. Old son with me I’m not too happy about it.

Alexander – Aug 11, 2020

Victim Location 40104

Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

I received two post card type letters in the mail one for my current address and another for an address that I own property at but do not live at. States A proposed class settlement of economic loss claims by persons who owned or leased GMC

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