Gold Wing Logistics

Miranda – Oct 07, 2020

I tried buying a boxer puppy from a seller I found on a los Angeles county website. I was supposed to pay 750. Since I could only pay 500, they told me to pay the rest when the puppy arrived. The payment of 500 was sent to goldwing logistics through cash app. Then I get a email from logistics saying the crate provided by the seller wasn’t good because of covid 19 regulations. So, I had to pay 750 for 2nd class. Then, they called back saying they didn’t have 2nd class and now I would have to pay for first class. I asked for a refund and the man who had a foreign accent said since it was in the system, it was too late for a refund. So I paid another 645 just so they can send me another bill of 800 for the ten days the dog was with them. I refused to pay and he threatened me saying that they were going to bring the dog with Marshall and obligate me to pay at my home.

Timothy – Aug 18, 2020

Victim Location 29108

Total money lost $1,835

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking through animal adoption agencies and breeders in an attempt to find a puppy to replace one that had died. The person responded via email saying he had 2 Australian shepherd puppies left and was no longer able to raise them because of a new job. He wanted 885 for shipping which was supposed to include everything. He wouldn’t take a credit card but wanted payment via zelle. I paid him on Aug 10. On Aug 16, the shipper named Goldwing Logistics called to give me a tracking number, and verify my address, then told me the dog would be shipped the next day.

On Aug 17, their agent, whose name I could not understand, called again, and I also received an email telling me that due to SCPA regulations I had to give them a fee to verify that I’m financially able to care for the animal. This fee would be totally refunded upon delivery. The catch was that they wanted the money on an American Express gift card and wouldn’t take it on a credit card. I had a feeling I should back out, but I had already paid the shipping fee, so I emailed the seller to tell him what was going on. He assured me that it was legitimate and to just follow their directions. So I sent the 950 and was assured the puppy had passed inspection and would be on a plane to SC on Monday.

Instead, on Monday I got another email saying they needed another $1240 because the seller did not provide the appropriate shipping crate, so I had to either rent or buy one from them. $200 of the money was also to pay for "stabilization shots" to keep the animal calm on the flight, and 1050 would be refunded after delivery. Of course, they wanted that money on gift cars as well. At this point, I said nothing doing. So the seller got the 885, and Goldwing Logistics got their 950 leaving me out of 1835.

The seller continues to insist that it is a legitimate sale, and he is worried about his puppy being "out there so long." I told him to get his puppy back and go elsewhere. I’m quite sure the seller and shipper are the same person–given that the emails and speaking voices use the same phrases and both appear to have some sort of foreign accents. I also think he simply took pictures of the puppy off the internet. I have received nothing.

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