Randi – Dec 16, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address Walnut cal

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Purchased three pairs heated gloves did not receive any, the total taken off my credit card was $76.96

Derrick – Dec 14, 2020

Placed an order on 10/17/2020 in which I spent $143.98. I haven’t received a single item from my order.
On 11/21/2020 I submitted an inquiry regarding my order. I got an auto OT response. I responded again the same day and again on 12/4/2020. I still haven’t gotten a response or my items. Do not purchase anything from this company. It is a total scam.

Dawn – Oct 06, 2020

Started my reviews of you cons. I sent a complaint to the BBB and to the North Carolina Attorney General. I’ll be sending multiple reviews of your miserable service and online lying. I will make sure that all of my friends and as many other people as I am able to reach will be informed of your online con game known as Googstage. Abby is the thief that keeps ignoring me or trying to create the lie that I am not in your records. I sent the confirmation sheet and number 3 times. Still you dishonest con artist spew your bull[censored]. I will be posting many reviews not of your products, but of you, you miserable thieves. If you think the money is the issue, then you are sorely mistaken. I can afford to lose 44.00 dollars to you but you have underestimated my resolve. From this day on you, pieces of [censored], are going to be reviewed by me anywhere I can find a platform that will allow me to comment. Plus I have already gained the support of friends on Facebook some of whom will review GOOGSTAGE as often as time permits. I am eager to flood the www, especially during Christmas when shoppers are out in force.

Carla – Oct 05, 2020

Took my order. confirmed it and sent me an order number. Never sent the product, Some woman named Abby kept telling me I wasn’t in their records. Sent them a copy of my order sheet 3 times. She just simply ignored my mail. Don’t deal with this company it is a scam to get your money. One of the worst experiences I’ve had in a long time.

Heidi – Oct 04, 2020

Seems like everything thats advertised on Facebook is a scam either you dont get it or what you do get is low grade and not even what you expected I wish they would stop the crap all they are doing is helping their followers get ripped off

Jonathan – Jul 29, 2020

This same exact thing happened to me! I placed an order for my fiancé for Fathers Day, in June 19th. I have yet to receive anything and I’ve emailed several times receiving auto responses each time. They’ve even sent me new tracking numbers and said it shipped, however I’ve talked to the USPS office they referenced and they have no record of a package ever being received by them from “Googstage”. I’m seriously angry and out $80. I’m doing everything I can to cancel the order and share my story.

Larry – Jun 24, 2020

Victim Location 46236

Total money lost $22

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am usually careful about what I purchase online. This one got me. They run ads on Facebook, so I decided to buy a father’s day gift for my husband. I’ve never received the item. It even gives you a tracking number. It says it’s "stuck in California". The moment I realized I was scammed was when I contacted their customer service and got an IMMEDIATE auto response. I’ll have to show you the response. It’s classic. Anyway, please shut them down before they takes other people’s money! Lucky they didn’t get a lot from me, but they definitely advertise more expensive products.

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