Government grant spoof

Raquel – Aug 28, 2020

Victim Location 30135

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

This person said I could get a grant only after I pay a fee.

Tiffany –

Victim Location 38133

Total money lost $2,400

Type of a scam Government Grant

I recd a text message on April 14, 2019 stating that I was on the list to receive a government grant of up to $200,000 to pay my bills; I did not have to pay the money back. They sent me a reference no. (BE102/85428 and a batch no. 28102001PRD) by messenger on social media. I was informed that I had to pay the taxes; I sent them a total of $2400 via gift cards (Apple) on April 14, 2019. I spoke to a man with a foreign accent, but I could not understand him.

Brent –

Victim Location 74361

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They call me multiple times even after I asked them not too. But they said I was qualified for a $9,100.00 government grant. I explain to them I wasn’t interested and that I knew this was a scam and they said it wasn’t and than I hung up. But then they just keep calling me and harassing me now.

Antonio –

Victim Location 45419

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told when I answered the 667-228-6725 phone number that I had been selected by the Federal Government Grants to be rewarded with $9000.00. I was given a confirmation number and the phone number of 202-602-2450 to call and ask for the financial advisor as to how I was to receive this money as well as giving the advisor the confirmation number. When I called the number a recording told me all lines were busy and for me to leave my phone number and the reason for the call. I have reason to believe this indeed was a scam call, because both voices had a foreign accent to them.I then called the local and the person I talked to advised that this was most likely a scam, so therefore I am giving this report.

Eugene –

Victim Location 61071

Type of a scam Government Grant

A close friend gave me a number to contact an. Federal goverment agent. (Gary tomkins, Jr) the texts were choppy and words spelled wrong. Wanted $3000 clearance fee

Then UPS men would deliver $200,000 cash. I now think she might of got scammed to. However she said she got the $200,000.

Alan –

Victim Location 60154

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by instant messenger on Facebook using a friends account. They asked how I was doing and then told me all about this great grand program where I could receive $90,000 and don’t have to pay it back. This was the final message that they sent to me:

“This is the online federal agent who helped me get mine, click on the link it will direct you to her page. Send her a message that you want to apply for a grant”

Kristen –

Victim Location 03857

Type of a scam Government Grant

Called saying due to democracy I was selected for a grant, they confirmed my name very incorrectly pronounced so I replied “sure”, they asked if my zip code was 26505 (I lived there 3 years ago and they said this was because I paid my taxes on time which show I am in New Hampshire now West Virginia) they said they had to confirm my age, so i lied and she continued. Asked my employment and I said unemployed to which she said I qualify. She then gave three options of payment, bank account something inaudible and then western union. I then continued asking why her system said I was 27 and if that was accurate and she eventually hung up avoiding the question over and over.

Jerry –

Victim Location 45248

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a message on messenger on my computer from a friend yesterday 9-27-17 late afternoon. He said how are you, and this is how I got this grant and that he was using it on health benefits. He said the grant was through the government and to call 1-502-694-2167. He said that you only have to pay to. Hello and he says I am doing great how are you doing to, what have you been up to, have you heard about home care and family support program free money (government grants) going on now. It’s a world empowerment program to help people especially the citizens, widowed, deaf, retired am so happy I got the home care and family support funds worth of $100,000 already. I got the money for both home care and family support through government grants program. Then he tells me claim manager is 1-502-694-2167 and [email protected] He said try to contact them right now they will explain all about the program to you then he says it’s better you text or email them. He says the fee is just 1% of any amount you picked. Hope their replying to you right. I asked him are you conning me, and he said no just kind of busy right now. I tell him it’s been documented, which means that I was approved. He says have they sent you any amount options list yet. He said I swear with my life this is real and legit. He then changed it I send them $3000 and then they send me $300,000. They are waiting for me to get back with them about sending the money. I emailed them back that I am not comfortable with sending money to someone I don’t know and I haven’t heard back. The guy from the organization I emailed with I don’t think it is anyone from the States the typing is not accurate, kindly lets know the actual amount from our amount options, we send you yesterday so that we will give you the information where to get it send to and bring you your money within 24 hours. We confirm your payment. 

Lawrence –

Victim Location 45229

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The first phone call I got was about a half hour ago 6-14-17 12:30pm and it was from 315-636-5266. The person on the line had an Asian accent he said Sam Johnson was his name and he was calling about a government grant and he had an extension of 774, then he hangs up on me, and I call back and I asked to speak with Sam Johnson and they handed him the phone and he got an attitude and said why you don’t believe me.They gave me code number KR963 to let the second person know. So, after I spoke with Sam Johnson they transferred me to a second person (I didn’t get his name) to give the code number to. I gave the code number, it was another asian accent, that’s when I start asking questions this doesn’t sound right, and then they hung up and I told them I was going to call the on them. They said I would get $9,200, but I had to go to Walmart and put down $200 something, send them by filling out some sort of form at Walmart, and send them $200 something and they would then send it back. 

Stephen –

Victim Location 32789

Type of a scam Government Grant

at 1:52pm on Wednesday May 10. I received a call from a restricted number. when I answered the woman said her name was Nancy Sanchez from Washington, DC. She was calling from the United State Federal Grant Program. I had been chosen from thousands of other people all across the United State to receive a grant of 9 thousand dollars. This was completely free and I did not need to pay it back in anyway. She continued to explain that this was not a school loan or a tax refund. when I asked for her name, name of the company and her phone number, I was told to shut up and she continued to talk about the money that I would receive. when I confronted her, she hung up

Brent –

Victim Location 29715

Type of a scam Government Grant

United States federal grants department from Washington DC called and said I got selected from the government to receive $9,200 of grant money from the government because I didn’t file bankruptcy or something like that and that the money is given to me from the government and that I do not have to pay it back. The number they gave me to call to receive my money is….(206)408-1927. I know this is a scam. I never called the number because it is a set up.

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