Russell – Aug 10, 2020

Grapegar Scammed me out of $61.93 for Ionbox. After 70 days and 2 incorrect shipments, I never received my products. Initially, I paid $69.95 for Heavenfresh Air Purifier/Ionizer to PayPal payment through Grapegar to Ivory Johnson. Then I paid $61.93 for 2pack Ionbox. I have none of the products. I received 1 hankerchief in the first shipment and 1 pack of masks in second shipment. Both came from Shanghai China. Horrible Scams and poor customer service.. Ripoff..

Julian – Aug 01, 2020

I ordered a humidifier in April 2020. The lies sent to me via email were convincing at first, then I realized the scam, finally. I don’t understand why this website is still up when it is a bunch of thieves. I made the mistake to order before I did my online research about the company. They took $63 from me, luckily I paid through PayPal so they didn’t get my credit card information. When the product never came, I got emails that looked like real tracking information, such as it was stalled in Chicago en route to Arizona; then emails saying they would give me half of my money back and when I said I wanted it all back, they said, “how about we keep $7” which was of course, a wake up call for me…then they offered coupons for their site in lieu of a refund… someone is making a lot of money scamming people on this website…don’t get taken by it.

Hillary – Jul 11, 2020

Same story as above. I ordered a room air filter. They took 2 months to send it. I received (2) face masks. I disputed the charge with my CC. Citi is dragging it out for 2 months. The website tried getting me to take a partial refund. They keep saying it’ll take 15-20 business days…no refund. Citi just sent me an email stating that they received information from the Company and that they are reviewing it. Absolute BS! Total scam!

Carrie – Jul 11, 2020

Victim Location 92532

Total money lost $57.26

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a room air filter (HONEYWELL 17000-S QUIETCARE TRUE HEPA AIR PURIFIER, 200 SQ. FT.). They took 5 weeks to send something. What I received was nothing like what I ordered. I received (2) blue face masks. I contacted them by email immediately. They asked if they could "try again" to send the right item. I said absolutely not. I asked for a refund. They offered a partial refund saying they still needed to pay for the masks, shipping, etc. I said no. They kept changing the offered amount. I finally got them to agree to a 100% refund. They said it’ll take 10-15 business days. I waited 15 days. No refund. Luckily I assumed they were going to pull this act. I disputed the charge with my CC. Citi is dragging it out for 2 months. Citi just sent me an email stating that they received information from the Company and that they are reviewing it. I have read elsewhere that everyone has the same experience down to the items received. They use the shipping information to try to prove that they shipped and delivered the item to people. I took a picture of the envelope they sent and the item received. Total scam!

Melanie – Jul 10, 2020

On May 1,2020 I ordered the Aqua8 ozone machine. It cost $64.85. I paid with Discover. A bunch of weeks later and with no response to my emails, I received a package with two face mask! Could not get any response from them with email so I contacted PayPal. They had handled the payment. After a month plus waiting, I get a report from PayPal stating the item was delivered ,my dispute denied! The Chinese co. apparently is using the delivery conformation from the face mask as proof they sent me my machine! I n my opinion, they are a bunch of crooks! Now I am going thru Discover to see what can be done to get my money refunded. I do not have much hope of that happening. Do not buy anything from these jerks! I think they operate under other names also. Do not buy anything that comes from a Chinese co, can’t trust them.

Shannon – Jun 29, 2020

Victim Location 70582

Total money lost $117.84

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Around May 4, 2020, I placed an order online for 2 Air Purifiers, model # NOB06XG4Z87P, white in color. The description stated: SILVERONYX AIR PURIFIER FOR HOME LARGE ROOM WITH TRUE HEPA FILTER, AIR QUALITY MONITOR, UVC SANITIZER, IONIZER, HOME AIR CLEANER FOR ALLERGIES, PETS, SMOKE, DUST, MOLD. CARBON FILTER 500 SQ FT. BLACK. I then received an email with the following message: Dear DAUPHINE, Thank you so much of your purchased from the website Your order has been shipped out, the Tracking No. is …… Please track it here you can track it after a few days as it will not update so quickly. Normally, you can get the package about 10-15 days after shipping. By the way, do not reply back to the email because it is just for informing the Tracking No. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by the quick link. I finally recieved the package in yesterday and it was a handkerchief. The package is flat, small and has the description on the outside label. I have emailed them and submitted a request for an RMA label on yesterday. I have not heard back from them yet. I just can’t believe I paid over $100 only to get that in the mail. I told them I want my money back and that they could have their handkerchief back if they wanted it.

UPDATE as of today 6/29/2020….I received a response back stating that they were sorry the wrong package was delivered and that they would send the correct items in another shipment. My initial response was that I wanted my money back, a full refund. Their response was "Hi,

We feel so sorry for your unhappiness because of our mistakes.

But if refund,we would only refund 70% of the original price to you, that is $82, and we keep a little for a part of wrong item cost and shipping fee.And there are some bank charges from us when you placed the order. Pls understand.

If resend, you could get your product you want attached with the wrong item.

Could you receive which one above?

Hope you will think it twice.

Look forward to your reply.

Thank you very much."

So, because they did not want to refund my whole purchase amount, which I told them was completely absurd, I decided to let them ship me my correct items. I am still waiting for the 2nd package to come in in order to verify that I did in fact get the items I ordered.

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