Great Pet Home

Clayton – Sep 17, 2020

Victim Location 22060

Total money lost $605

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I sent $605 via Apple Pay with beliefs that I was going to receive a puppy chihuahua named Stacy. I received tracking information from the individual that I was communicating with via text, and it seemed legit. Later that evening I received another message saying that I had to purchase $530 worth of pet insurance in order for the puppy to be released to fly out of Pennsylvania. After trying to contact the seller and carrier with know success I realize that I had been scammed. I was unable to recover the money that I sent for the puppy, but they are definitely scam artist.

Todd – Jun 24, 2020

Victim Location 90802

Total money lost $1,315

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Classic pet scam. Greatpethome sold me a nonexistent puppy, paid for with Zelle transfer. City Express Delivery was the fraudulent carrier who demanded more money for Insurance, also paid via Zelle. Puppy never arrived. Cannot contact either business.

Maria – Jun 08, 2020

Victim Location 12304

Total money lost $1,265

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We were going to purchase a chihuahua puppy from the website, we saw a puppy named Catherine that we wanted to buy. On Friday, June 5 I texted someone by the of name Dustin Delisle with the phone number 13024696965 and purchased her for $605 by sending money to [email protected] through Google Pay and on Monday, June 8th I purchased some type of puppy insurance license for $660 by sending money to [email protected] through Google Pay which supposedly ensured that if anything happened to the pet during the delivery, the buyers would be compensated. However, both of these transactions were a scam. The additional $660 charge came out of the blue from the number, 14194019307 and the person I spoke to claimed to be some kind of customer representative for the shipping company called Fidelity Express by the name of James Smith. This shipping company was supposedly associated with great pet home company in that they would deliver their pets. But in actuality they did no such thing, instead, I was asked to pay more and more for unreasonable things such as temporary pet insurance and a carrier. In total, I was scammed out of $1265, on the website, and people shared their encounters with this scam website stating that they’ve been scammed out of hundreds of dollars. I’ve kept in contact with them, frequently asking to see the dog live on facetime but they wouldn’t comply, I asked to speak to the supervisor of fidelity express and the customer rep (James smith) wouldn’t allow us, when he told me the dog was in a pet motel getting checked he wouldn’t tell me the address when I asked, he also wouldn’t tell me the location of the shipping company even though I asked repeatedly. The person named Dustin Delisle avoided answering my questions straightforwardly and would sometimes not answer it at all. All in all these people are scammers and have taken money from other people as well, they’ve scammed me out of more than a thousand dollars. The number of the customer rep was from Ohio which I found odd since I expected them to be located in Deleware where the dog adoption/purchasing center is located according to their website.

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