Green and Clean

Walter – Dec 07, 2020

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, my wife looked up an environmentally friendly carpet cleaner online (whose website we can now no longer find; the number was 866/567-9692), to come pick up two rugs for cleaning, one of which was an heirloom Turkish rug. The people who showed up (one tall and the other short, as one of the other reports mentioned), gave us paperwork from Green & Clean, with the telephone number (747) 344-7850 but no other contact information. They quoted us $1200.00 to clean the two rugs, said it would take 7-10 days, and asked for a $1000.00 deposit. They also offered to clean the rugs in our house. Both of these should have raised alarms with us, but they seemed to know what they were talking about. Only after they had left with our rugs did I get uneasy enough to look up “Green & Clean” and find this Scampulse page. Horrified, we put a stop payment on our deposit check, called the number on the paperwork, and asked the person on the other end to have our rugs brought back. He said he needed to pass us on to his “dispatcher”, which he did; the number was (310) 777-5907. This turned out to be someone called “Michael”, who told us that he could not return the rugs until Monday for religious reasons, and said that the rugs might already be being washed. We waited until Monday, then called again. By this point, “Michael” realized that we had cancelled the deposit check, and refused to release our rugs without a payment. He was a smooth talker, told us the rugs were being cleaned, and asked us for a deposit by Zelle (Zelle number (818) 825-5477), with the balance to be paid when he returned the rugs on Wednesday. The Zelle account turned out to be under the name of Liram Agassi. We asked “Michael” who Liram Agassi was, and he said “a technician”. Feeling like we had no choice, we sent $250.00. “Michael” seemed to have pretty close ties to “Liram Agassi” because he knew within minutes how much we had sent, and called us to say that it was not enough. So we sent the maximum our bank would allow, another $250.00. On Wednesday morning, a man showed up with the rugs wrapped in plastic. They looked ok at first glance, so we wrote him a check and he left. When we opened the rugs, we found that one (the Turkish rug) had not been cleaned at all, and the other was even dirtier than it was when they took it (a white rug now had a big black spot on it). We canceled the check we had given them, and called the bank to see if we could claw back the money we had sent by Zelle. We’re not sure whether we will get it back, but we did want to add to the scam warning about these people.

Monique – Nov 24, 2020

Yes, I agree this is a scam operation. I spoke to Lucirio Lopez and set up carpet cleaning for Nov. 24 in the morning. Lucirio Lopez 747-344-785 called me the evening before and that was fine. He called me again on Nov. 24 at 7:48 to tell me that they are about 30 minutes away. We wanted three small rooms and two chairs cleaned. We had moved most of the furniture. Lucirio is a small man but he came with a very big guy. They told me that Lucirio is from the Philippines and the tall guy from Athens/Greece.They quoted me $650.00 for the job. I told them to get out of my house. Lucirio came back and offered to the job for $250 and I said no. He came down to $220 in cash. He cleaned the carpet and left it in a soaking wet condition and I can tell that the few areas I wanted cleaned are not cleaner than they were before.
I got a receipt from Green & Clean 1-747-344-7850 for $200 and Luricio told me that the $20 are for him and to call 747-344-7850 if I have complaints. Mailbox is full. There is no address on the receipt just the phone number.
I’m embarrassed to have fallen for a scam. I honestly thought whaat can go wrong with cleaning a carpet.

Ruth – Oct 28, 2020

Similar experiences to the above. His name is Liran Agassi, operating under Green and Clean Carpet Cleaning Service. He asks you to pay cash or Zelle. Do not do this! The number associated with his Zelle account is: +1-818-825-5477.

We had a couch, carpets, rugs, and chairs for them to clean. They said $1,100. I told them that was insane and was persistent about them bringing it down. He said he would “call management” to see if I could get a discount. No call was made and finally he said $700. They looked horrible and simply were not cleaned appropriately. They were oblivious to obvious stains being on the carpets until I made them redo them multiple times. He said once everything dries and if there are still problems, to call them and they would come back the next day. Somehow they disconnected the phone number they gave me originally and he did not answer my direct text or calls.

Dominique – Dec 24, 2020

would love to speak, trying to sue them

Keri – Nov 05, 2020

They fully destroyed my girlfriend’s brand new $1500 carpet. I’m furious. Is there any way we can band together and get our money back and have this guy get the punishment he deserves?

Diane – Oct 14, 2020

Scammers! Had my girlfriend help me while I was out of town with scheduling carpet cleaning. She gave $150 cash and he left as soon as she wasn’t keeping an eye on him. Literally nothing was done or even attempted to be cleaned. He pocketed the cash and left. I have been calling both numbers that had contacted my girlfriend 818 223 1021( said his name was Dan but was probably a lie) and 747 344 7850. Pathetic that someone would screw others over for such a small amount of money.

Anne – Dec 24, 2020

same thing just happened to me- lets all get together and sue

Melanie – Oct 04, 2020

SCAM BEWARE! I was charged $400 for 6 rooms in my home. Which included ‘disinfecting cleaning.’ The carpet still had stains when they finished. I was told that it only looked that way because the carpet was still really wet. The next day my carpet had a horrible odor. I called to talk to someone about my issue several times and kept getting told that someone will call me back. It’s been a week and no one has followed up with me. So now I’m out of cash and have dirty stinky carpet.

Mindy – Aug 30, 2020

This is a scam. They quote you $99 for four rooms on the phone and when they come they tried to charge $585 and asked for cash. They acted like they were a legitimate company but they did a horrible job and gave a receipt with no company name or website and they don’t answer their phone after they leave. They need to be reported to the attorney general.

Kristin – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 90024

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I booked a carpet cleaning service to come out for an estimate that turned into a service the same day. On the website I found a quote of $59.00 a room that turned into a $70.00 steam clean. They tried to have me pay $150.00 but I refused. I mentioned after the service that my carpet still had spots, they said their service was guaranteed and that they would return. Its been since June 10th, I have called multiple times to schedule a different day for them to come out and now refuse. Looks like they are operating under a different website that sounds like the old name: Green and Clean Carpet cleaning service. Here are their number: 747 344 7850, or 818 2197449. I had to Venmo my money since they didn’t take credit cards. They supplied me with a bogus paper receipt with no company info. Name: Liran Agassi. Beware.

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