Randi – Aug 10, 2020

Victim Location 28658

Total money lost $43,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I was messaged by a person on Linkedin about crypto currency, Bitcoin to be exact. and I was interested so I ask him what company he worked for and he stated Grivety Stockexchange.after messaging back and forth for a few days.

I decided to check with the company to see if he worked there. I was greeted by someone on live chat, who proceed to tell me he did not and he was probably a scammer and a lot of people used the company name because they know they are a legit business. He said if you want to invest in bitcoin you should do it through a reputable company like ours we are very transparent. He said I will set you up with our best trader and he gave me her number.

i proceed to contact the trader who sent me all her drivers license and a certificate of Trade school. she than proceed to send me videos of people who had already cashed out using her as a trader.She kept telling me how transparent and legit the company was and had a lot of satisfied customers. So I signed up to trade, they sold packages and I was only going to invest 5000 but she pushed and said the signals are very good if you do 20,000 I can guarantee you 100,000 in five days. So I did 20,000.

I watched what I thought was my money growing because you have access to your trading page and the go as far as to send you an email, sometimes 3 times a day about the deposit that was just put in your account. I saw my wallet grow to 330,000 and I asked when can I cash out, she said you need to tell them you want the highest PMs and that means you are on pace to hit 950,000 and even if the signals drop your money will be locked in. Well I did that like an [censored] and it cost me another 20,000 to get locked in,. So after that my wallet showed 950,000. and i kept asking to cash out. So they said ok we need your banking info to wire transfer this money to you so I’m still thinking legit company and I have my traders info I do that. And then I’m told it would cost 13k to pay the taxes on the money and they said they were lowering for me because I’ve put in so much already and the company would pay the rest.

So I beg , borrow the 13 k to get my 950,000 thinking I will have more than enough to pay every one back. Well after they recieved my last payment. I went to the site and I was locked out my account erased, as If Ive never been there. I proceed to do the live chat and kept getting a different date on when my wallet would drop and thats when it hit me I had been scammed. Well I had the traders info but she had earsed her whats up app.

So I did a background check to get her number. I call her and she proceeds to not know who I am and says her license were stolen awhile back and thats what the were using.I filled out a police report its her, she forgot she left me two voice mails. I guess she got a cut of the money for being the face. The address you have to send the money to is owned by The Royal Bank of Canada. I background check that also. I should have done it sooner. They are very cunning and its a white female that they use as the trader on the whatsapp.

Mario – Aug 21, 2020

This is just sad the companies and scammers just get away easily with our funds. This is really really bad and this exactly was what happened to me. This company is practically just stealing from everyone. The traders, the investment, their support, they all lied, lies upon lies. They are really gonna scam everyone that falls for this. I’d have lost more than $46,000 of BTC to them too. I did already though. I was just lucky to get mine back.
I’m recently concluded working with some investigators already, a large amount lost in BTC has been tracked and recovered back to me. If you’d like to follow up with your case too to get your funds, I advice every victim to report to them via this link below,

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