Caitlin –

Victim Location 38501

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

"John" called and used a tech company name that I was familiar with to hook me (first mistake: should have validated my account or called the number of the company directly). He said that my computers were in danger of being hacked. I allowed him remote access to my computer (second mistake). He then said that he needed to upload Cisco software for $1000 by way of WalMart gift card (third mistake). His was an aggressive sale. After purchasing a gift card for that amount, I shared that information with him to begin the upload. During the time I provided him the gift card access and the time I actually called the company to verify this was a needed update, he had already cleared the amount from the card.

Please be aware of this scam. The number I was called from was/is 1-855-577-7361.

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