HayWall Survey Inc

Kendra –

Victim Location 11206

Type of a scam Employment

I initially received an email from [email protected] Because the email address is from a college, I assumed this was a legit employment opportunity. The email read: Hi,There’s an amazing survey recruitment exercise going on for survey takers to earn extra cash.You’ll evaluate and comment on customer service rendered, product and services delivered when you visit said stores. You can earn a minimum of $300 a week by taking part of the survey exercise.Click on the link below to submit an application if interested https://www.cognitoforms.com/HayWallsSurveyConcept/SurveyAgentApplicationForm. I stupidly clicked on such link and filled out (what I can remember) my name, phone number and address. I truly wish I could remember what else I may have added. I definitely know no social security number was asked and I surely wouldn’t have given it. Afterwards, I didn’t hear any more from the company until 12/24/18 when I received a text message stating "Dear " ", Your recent application to become a mystery shopper has been approved and your survey packet is in transit to your provided address. Up until 1/2/19, I hadn’t received anything in the mail. On 1/2/19, I received another text message stating Dear " ", Your survey assignment packet has delivered to your provided address. Kindly confirm upon receipt and submit your completed report here. I didn’t get any further as I started to become weary of this so called employment opportunity. I went online and googled the company, in which there is no website or record of. I googled the phone number from the texts and discovered it traces to Atlanta Georgia. I even went back to the original email and the link is no longer available. All red flags. I hope the scammer/scammers is/are caught and does time for fraud.

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