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George –

Victim Location 08829

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email by a recruiter name Philipp Kolen for opportunity of employment for Supply chain management position for a company where head quarter in Newzeland and that they have office in 1125 Atlantic ave, Atlantic city, NJ. They made me sign online employment agreement for 30 days probation period with $2000 pay after completing 15 case study with B+ grade they would offer me employment of $85K. I completed 5 case study with A grade and a person claimed to be the Head of HR in NJ name Mr. Simon Oppenheimer contacted me via email with the following:

I have been in touch with the head office in NZ over the past few

days and it seems they are very impressed with the grade you achieved

and the attitude you demonstrated.

I have also been contacted by the Head of Supply Chain Department

and been notified that part-time projects will be available this week

and next.

You do have all chances to take part in these projects. They may

increase your average grade and add commission to your base salary.

A project has been arranged for you, it will give you the

opportunity to earn this extra payment as well as providing

invaluable experience. The company is currently expanding its

operations in the U.S. and are in need of office equipment and

computer software for the new divisions.

Unfortunately, we do not have any available Supply Chain Managers in

your area and U.S. in general, so your assistance will be very

helpful. Equipment will be purchased for the offices which will be

opened next month so we will have to figure out how and where to store

the equipment until the U.S. Divisions open. No worries, I suppose

we’ll lease a warehouse to store the equipment there.

There is a minimal amount of equipment required in order that the

offices can become functional, therefore there is no demand for bulk

purchasing or initializing of corporate accounts with major vendors.

To date, your achieved grade is of a suitable level and I am confident

you will be able to participate in these projects.

at this point, they only have my name, phone number and email address as well as my signature on the contract agreement. I will stop responding to them and I hope someone do something about it.

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