he has a business with cars

Melody –

Victim Location 65809

Total money lost $16,000

Type of a scam Romance

I had been on this dating site which is match.com and the guy i met states that he is

captured by the rebels in nigeria and he is staying there and needs money. Well $10,000

and $16,000 to credit consumer counseling services. I finally got that bill paid off. Can you do

something and find this person who took about $26,000 from me. His email is [email protected]

That is all i have to look up this person. He did send me an email from homeland security. The following

message states To: [email protected] Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 7:58 AM

Subject: Cease and desist

This is an official notice from the US Government’s Department of Homeland Security.

You have been reported to the FBI as a possible threat to security of the US and its

citizens. You attempted to garner information from US citizens via a false profile on

an online dating service. Your IP address has been reported and noted. Should you attempt

in the future to use such avenues to solicit information or arrange meetings via

said site, you will be further investigated. You are being monitored

by our agents so we strongly suggest you cease and desist from any

further solicitation of US citizens via online social networks.

Officer Harold Monk Levy

Investigator and Homeland Security Supervisor, Online Sector

US Department of Homeland Security

Case #***

My email address is ***.com and my cell phone number is ***-***-***

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