Healthy Hemp Oil

Bonnie –

Victim Location 48220

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Tried making a purchase from Healthy Hemp Oil one night and my Discover card didn’t work…twice in a row, which I thought was weird. I emailed them and they wrote back saying they were having issues with some cards and if it was a Discover card, that might be the problem and to try again with a different card. I tried again with my Capital One card. It went through. I hadn’t used my CapOne card in a while and my balance was zero, so they shot me an email asking if I had personally made the purchase. First, it showed up on my account under a different name than what they said it would be under and it was also for more money…I’m recalling around $8 more than my transaction. I emailed the HHO about it and they informed me that that was my local bank adding an international fee. I replied questioning such fee because I live in MI and the company was supposed to be out of PA. They said it was the bank that they use that that they too are out of MI and I could come to their warehouse and pay in person if I wanted to. When I called Capital One, they said that the company was out of China. When I tried to cancel the order, HHO said they could and I’d expect a refund within 7 days. They followed up with another email immediately saying that my order had already been shipping and I’d have to refuse it on delivery. I was getting angry and reminded them that I LITERALLY just placed the order minutes ago and my credit card was still pending…that it was impossible for them to’ve shipped it already. She replied saying she must’ve been looking at a different order…oops. Then they said they’d refund the initial purchase amount (not including this international fee…that I never agreed to). I informed them that Capital One was taking care of it and I’m sure they were expecting the full amount. They still said it didn’t come from them so they couldn’t refund it. I waited it out, and it was indeed refunded and Capital One did indeed take care of it. (That day I canceled my card and had them send me a new #.) It’s over now, but I would hate to see this company scamming anyone that doesn’t happen to watch every transaction like I tend to.

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