Hemingway Collection Agency

Laura –

Victim Location 48176

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A company calling themselves the Hemingway Collections Agency called me yesterday. They told me that HSBC had sold my old credit card debt to them and that if I didn’t pay them in full during our phone call, a Wayne County Michigan Process server would be coming to my job the next day to serve me with papers for a court summons. They told me that the Wayne County "protocol" was for the process server to involve my HR Department in serving me the papers, and that my HR Department had to witness me signing for the summons. They then proceeded to tell me that they had filed a case against me for perjury, fraudulent reporting of my income in order to obtain the credit card, and scheming to defraud a credit card company, and that if I didn’t take pay the full amount of the debt owed during our phone call, I would have to hire an attorney and go to court, and would potentially end up having to pay up to twice the amount of the debt owed, as well as court costs. They had me so completely terrified that I ended up making a payment arrangement with them using my debit card. When I got home, my husband went through our records, and found paperwork that showed we already paid that debt off in 2014. My husband called the Wayne County Court this morning, and the court verified that there was NO case pending against me. My husband also went to our bank this morning, and the bank told him that they have heard of many similar scams happening to their customers, that there are many fraudulent "collection agencies" out there using similar threatening/bullying tactics to scare people into paying them money that is not even owed. Our bank recommended me cancelling my debit card, and I did so. I was unable to find any listing for a "Hemingway Collection Agency" on the internet, but my husband is calling them back today to try and get names of the staff and a physical address for them. The good news is, because we kept good records of the debt we’ve been paying off, and my husband called the court and visited our bank immediately, and the fact that I cancelled my debit card right away, this company will not be able to collect one red cent from me. I wanted to share this information in the hopes that someone else doesn’t fall for a scam like this in the future.

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