Henry Aussie Homes

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 22728

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website is a complete scam. Luckily we figured it out before the guy took our money. The guy claims he has mini Australian shepherd puppies for sale out of Katy, TX. He initially pretended to care about the potential new home his dogs were going to by asking questions about our environment and if we had ever owned a dog before. It seemed very legit at first. Then, when it came time for us to pay for this dog, he asked that we send a money gram to a Herndon, VA zip code. We called him and asked him why we were sending it to Herndon if he is in Katy, Texas and he said that was a mistake and he would send us a new email with the correct information. When we got off the phone, we realized that the number we dialed was also a Virginia number. Because of these red flags, we decided to question him a little bit and ask him his name. He proceeded to tell his his name was Henry which didn’t match the guy’s name that he wanted on the money gram (Jacob). We joked about how we though it might be a scam and then he proceeded to get mad with us on the phone. I did some research on this specific "Henry’s Aussie Homes" company and it matches almost exactly the websites that have been already reported as pet scam websites. This guy needs to be taken down.

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