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I need to know what to do when you hire an estate sale company to conduct an estate sale for you and they end up scamming you and stealing everything that you owned.

From the very start this estate sale company that I contacted to conduct an estate sale for me, there was just something not right about it. They were not professional at all. After a day or two of setting up for the sale, the main person in charge, disappeared and never came back. My sale was left in the hands of one guy and his two young daughters to set up for the sale.

Somewhere in the setting up, some valuable original label Beatles albums disappeared.

Some other things disappeared.

When I asked about the items that had disappeared, the owner of this company told me he took them all , to take back to King Sooper to get a refund for me.

I think he was taking them back to get a refund for him, but I just happened to notice these things had disappeared, so he had to give me the money he had gotten for the items.

No answer on what became of my original Beatles albums that have a list price of $400. each.

They took ownership of my house and property from the moment they walked in to set up for the sale.

I was not allowed to take anything out of the house, I was not allowed to be there while they conducted the sale.

I had these very expensive book shelves in my house.

I told the estate sale people I do not want to sell my bookcases.

They told me " they are part of the sale and if you want to buy them from us you can do that. "

They wanted me to buy my own furniture from them !!

I fretted over those book shelves .. They are $300 each, bookshelves and they were selling them for $35. each !

Only one got sold before my husband stepped in and told the owner he would buy my own bookshelves!

But it was the last day of the sale that really got me mad !

We left our house in the morning before the sale. There was furniture, antiques, vintage paintings and art on the walls.

The owner had gone around and marked UP things like my butcher block table to such high prices no one was going to buy a butcher block for $165.

A 100 year old picture of someone my grandfather worked with 100 years ago.. the owner of this company knew what that picture was so he put $165. on it. No one was going to buy this picture for that much. The owner wanted that picture.

The owner told me they would close the sale at 2 p.m.

When we got back to our house about 2:30pm our entire house was cleaned out.

Every piece of furniture, every piece of artwork, every picture, vintage jewelry was gone ! every piece of silverware was gone.

It was not until later in the evening that I noticed that a rack that had been in my basement to hang my laundry on hangers on, was gone.

This rack was a half round metal rack that was permanently attached to the house. Its the kind of rack that you hang pots and pans from.

Someone in this estate sale company or unknown person had taken tools and removed my rack. It was part of my house !

They dug up my bird bath and hauled it off !

It was a moving downsizing sale ! I am not dead ! and I think that is something this scoundrel was not prepared for. Someone actually noticing what they were doing and taking. Most of the time when an estate sale is conducted the person /owner is deceased. The family has the sale and they never know what goes on or what went missing.

Well, guess what? . I noticed. This is my house and this is my property. And it disappeared.

I wrote a note to this owner and told him that everything is missing !

My metal rack in my basement laundry is gone !!

His explanation was that a dealer had come at the last moment, on half price day, and bought everything in my house and hauled it away;

He never addressed the fact that things attached to my house had been removed.

Now does this owner really think I am dumb enough to believe that a dealer showed up and bought EVERYTHING for half price on the last day?

I am quite distressed about this whole thing ~ my things were essentially and basically stolen from right under my nose and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it.

I have the photos of things that were taken, things that are missing, things that .. some dealer supposedly bought on half price day.

I am certain that if there was a dealer ~ the dealer was in cahoots with the seller ~ to get all the stuff to use in a future estate sale, or to sell somewhere and make a profit. I am so mad, I do not know what to do.

Therefore I am asking anyone who might have gone through something like this before, what did you do? what do I do? where do I go from here?

And the missing Beatle albums.. the owner blamed it on the business partner that vanished at the beginning of the sale.. He said she took it.

Yeah right..

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