Hircon Marketing Financial Group

Melinda –

Victim Location 10035

Type of a scam Employment

I had been on various employment websites, sending out my resume and filling out applications, so I was expecting emails regarding offers of employment. I receive and email from someone offering me a work from home personal assistant job, I was naive and desperate for a job so I ignored any red flags, such as never speaking to my "employer" on the phone and never having had an in person interview. They asked for personal information address, phone number, previous employer information and where I banked at. They asked me to do a few tasks and I complied. After two weeks I received a check for a large amount of money & they instructed me to send them the extra funds using an iTunes gift card, again being desperate I ignored the abnormalities, when I tried to cash the check they said there was a problem with it, turns out it was a fake check.

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