Hiro Energy drinks

Edward –

Victim Location 38128

Type of a scam Employment

I was texted by Daniel Needham the hiring manager of Hiro energy drinks. He said I was selected to represent his company . He sent a check in the amount of 1959.00 to me. He said to keep 300 in my bank and send the rest to a shop keeper( who was a graphic artist for him) in China. He stated prices were cheaper there. I was to send a money gram in the amount of 1659.00 to this person in China. I was to send Daniel an email with my name address and the amount sent or the receipt of transfer was sent to his person in China. As soon as payment was acknowledged by his artist in China I was to be contacted by a local artist within my zip code. that person would then come to my address to install the wrap around my vehicle. This person also came with a contract and other documents describing how things would work from here.

I was to do this for 6 months.

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