His Help

Lucas –

Victim Location 30518

Total money lost $180,000

Type of a scam Investment

I was approached in September of 2015 by a gentlemen in Georgia, Jeremy Whitley, with a company His Help, who introduced me to Keramikos Solutions, based out of Colorado. Keramikos supposedly had an agreement with a company in Vinton, Iowa called AlphaGen Materials Technology Inc. that made supposedly novel manhole covers and oil and gas piping out of a novel ceramic material. Keramikos showed me many samples of the novel manholes and piping. I paid the Keramikos company $100,000.00 for marketing rights for the products made by AlphaGen. After a few months, I was not getting answers I needed so I visited AlphaGen in Iowa and found they had a dirty warehouse and could not give me references for any successful sales of the products. Also AlphaGen owner, Matt Merchant, told us repeatedly that the manholes and oil and gas piping was mass produced in China but when I wanted to find out the locations of the supposed production I could not get any answers.

I also asked for certificates for the products which AlphaGen and Keramikos said they had but was never given it. I have asked repeatedly for my money back but it has not been successful.

I also paid Jeremy Whitley upfront $51,750.00 for money he said he needed so he could work on the project. He did not do actual work. He was just using me to get money. I looked into Jeremy’s background and found later that he had a history of crime and fraud. I have asked Jeremy for my money back I gave him and have not been successful.

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