hobby breeder of bernedoodles

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 21228

Total money lost $3,064

Type of a scam Other

We know that the website www.houseofbernedoodles.com is a scam. In looking for a puppy, a friend directed us to them. The website is done very well and is extremely informative. We submitted an application to purchase a puppy. Our first contact was an email acknowledging the application. We were later contacted through email and text on our cell phone. That should have been our first clue. There was no other way to reach them. All the information came through email or text messages. Their information informs you of the banks they do business with and that they use Zelle for transactions. We paid through Zelle, $1900 for our puppy. They were suppose to ship the puppy within 48 hours. We opted for a nanny transport which cost an extra $250 which we also paid through Zelle. 48 hours passed and still no word from them about the shipping. Then we received an email with a PDF file supposedly from the shipping company which we were asked to read very carefully. We ended up paying $929 for Life Insurance and an upgraded shipping crate. It all sounded so reasonable. $836 was to be returned to us once the puppy was delivered. The flights were listed on that PDF. However, we could only verify one. That is when we really knew for sure we had fallen for a scam. They did contact us several times with text messages saying the puppy was ready to ship but they were waiting for details. This went on for an entire 2 days. Each text assured us we were getting our puppy “today” of course by this time we knew there was no puppy. All in all we lost $3064 dollars. The cell phone # being used is 432-219-5747. At last look it was still active. They operate out of Midland, Texas. In the end, we were not able to verify who these people really are and we suspect the website is either hijacked or one that has been put together from bits and pieces of other websites.

The email addresses they used to contact us: For Cailah Pruitt [email protected]

For Orelius Carter [email protected] Orelius actually spells his name with an A according to Zelle.

There are 3 other names listed on the website; Wills, Roberts, and Hilton. Pruitt is also listed and when I wanted to know with whom I was texting, Carter showed up as Pruitt’s son. On the website Carter replaced Wills.

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