Home Finance Solutions

Cheryl –

Victim Location 63645

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received a call from a number (***) showing up as a Pennsylvania number. The robot voice stated I was in line to receive ‘news’ about loan forgiveness of some type and to press "1" to learn more. I hung up and called the number back. The first callback, the gentleman could not be understood well and could not understand me well, but did give the name of his "company" as ‘Home Finance Solutions’ and that he was calling in regards to my application to receive a RE-Fi loan. I stated that is not what the robocall stated. He then hung up. The second time I called, the gentleman was just as garbled in his communication, but this time I asked how he received my information. He the "internet", I asked where he was calling from and he stated Missouri. Then when I stated he should have something of my information then and to repeat it to me, he hung up. The third time, a lady answered and was also hard to understand and kept reiterating about how they have ‘great offers’ for my refi. I explained I don’t own a home, never have, and have no mortgage payments. I asked how she got my name, she also said "internet", then I asked repeat some of my information, she stated that is why she is asking. I stated let me talk to your manager, she would not and kept rambling. I asked where she was calling from she stated "Portland, OR". This is a dry call scam. Do not press "1"!

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