Home Raised Bengal Kittens

Nicolas –

Victim Location 60172

Total money lost $1,700

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We went to go purchase a Bengal kitten on the internet. We first emailed this person and they asked for some basic information, we answered and then once it come to payments they wanted Money Gram money transfer for 500 at a CVS or Walmart. First they wanted 350 for the cat and 150 for the shipping fee. Once paid they told us he would come in the morning. After a few hours they contacted us saying we need to pay the deposit of 95% back 1200 dollars and that money went to Jimmy Lawson, the person with the agency which was called Unique Logistics Shipping Company.

Claiming that once the cat came they would pay us back. The next morning they contacted me again letting us know the cat will be at our house before 4:00 PM. After 3 hours they contacted us again telling us the cat was in Arizona Airport and they checked him in and that we have to send 1850 for the insurance so the cat can go on the plane telling us that this is 100 percent money back. They told us to give 2 people the split of 1850, the people wanted us to give 1100 to a man named Jimmy Lawson with Walmart to Walmart and the 2nd person was named Thom Brokaw and wanted 750 using Money gram. Both of these people were located in Dallas, Texas. 75240.

Once we went to the Walmart the person who works there told us that it was a most likely a scam because it looked very strange and asked us if we know this person and we said no. While doing this the people from the agency called and texted me saying we have to do it right now and I went to the police station trying to stop them from taking the money but the people already took it. I tried to contact them again with the Sheriff and they only texted me and did not answer my calls. The person with the cats said that he will pay for 300 of the 1850 and we have to pay the rest, trying to get the most money out of us. So we said no, give us our money back or pay all of it. He said he will ask a friend and "someone" offered to give him 600 more dollars still saying we have to pay the rest.

So we said no and he replied with saying "I don’t have the full amount. Do you want me to go and steal money ?" Then we told him if he does not have the full amount then to give us a refund or give us our cat because we already payed for the shipping fee and for the cat. We were supposed to pay for only those 2 thing to get the cat but we were told we NEED to pay 1200. So lastly once we asked for the refund we never got a reply. Also some more information is that the always put URGENT and ASAP in the emails not giving us time to think and just taking it as fast as they could.

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