Austin –

Victim Location 85013

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a puppy for my Niece and went on Craigslist in which I thought was my local area. Just to see what came up. I contacted a person whom said they were located in my city Phoenix, AZ about a puppy. They text me back, which I work nights so it was 11:00 p.m. which I thought was late, but now realize it’s day time in their country. They responded with a long test asking questions about if I had ever owned a dog, who was my vet, etc. gave some excuse that they had 2 Maltese puppies due to their son passing away (BIG FLAG) as the puppies were only 3 months old so their story did not match as to why they were "rehoming" the puppies so soon after he passed from cancer. I replied to their text still thinking they were in AZ and found they had given an address is Alexandria, VA and asked if I would pick up or want the puppy shipped as they just so happen to have 3 "FREE COUPONS" to ship puppies! They assured it was safe as they "Had done this before years ago" (Second Red Flag) and it would only cost me the $280 rehoming fee (For a Purebreed Maltese)! Third RED FLAD! I text them back exposing them as frauds and we exchanged texts back and forth which is also how I knew it was fraud because the person is sending texts back and forth basically just playing games now as I told him I knew it was a scam. They give the address to pick up the puppies of 101 N. Ripley St., Alexandria, VA. 22304. BE WARE!! They sent pictures of course of beautiful puppies.

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