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Cassie –

Victim Location 46220

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking on Hoobly for a Great Dane puppy in Indiana where I live. I saw his ad that he was from South Bend, IN with 2 puppies. I contacted him via text and email. He now says he lives in Georgia and I have to pay him through a mail-order/delivery business. He has not shown me pictures of puppies except the one on Hoobly. I looked into his username on Hoobly and he has posted10 Hoobly ads all saying the same thing for 9 different breeds. He only does delivery and you have to pay the swerve first. Here are a few lines of our email from the seller:

Thanks for emailing in regards to our puppies we have two puppies available and they are both a male and a female .Our family takes great care to make sure these puppies are very socialized and come with all up to date shots and also seen by our Vet before going to their new homes.the puppies are just 12 weeks 2days old,vet checked, good temperament with kids and other pets.we exercise regularly and take the puppies always for a walk!our puppies are raised in the same home and environment. We are giving them out because they were owned by our mom who just passed away of cancer and there is nobody to care for them anymore since we are busy at work, so i took them along with me to my state to look for a great and splendid home for them this listing is posted all over because we need an urgent home so please don’t ask why it’s posted in your area, we are not asking much nor selling them but we ask just $500 each for someone nearby and from far distance is $600 which include delivery and paperwork.


Thanks for getting back and it is nice to read from you .I just need a new and lovely home for my puppies. So we seek a home where they would be treated like part of the family and a home where we could see photos of them to see how they are faring. they have a year health guarantee as confirm by their vet doctor. They have had all their shot and up to date on vaccines .I am located in Valdosta, GA and it is going to cost you just 600$ for one and $900 for both puppies to be deliver at your home and process the change of ownership papers from my names to your names as the new owner , the additional 100$ is for the registration at the delivery agency , am not selling my babies because i love them so much i just want to give you a helping hands, so that is why all you will be paying is just Tina or Titi change of ownership and delivery fee to your home , I already have a crate and all what i need in other to get the ownership paper for Tina or Titi and also to get he or she register and deliver to your home are your full home delivery information as below

Full Names……..


Home address…….

Zip code…….

Cell number……

Home number…….

AS soon as i get this information, i would be getting either the male or female puppy ready and would be taking either or both to the transportation company today or tomorrow morning for registration and book a delivery space for one or both and it will take a max of 10 hrs for the puppy to get to your home okay. You shall be paying directly before to the delivery company for them to deliver Tina or Titi to your home, you will be sending the money to them first because, Firstly they will issue you with a home delivery card for the puppy, secondly They will provide the puppy with temperature regulator crate.which the puppy will be placed as to regulates the temperature while on transportation so that nothing like bad weather or climatic condition will affect the life of the baby while on transportation. thirdly a change of ownership certificate which will be made from my names to your names , as to make you are the new and prospective owner of the puppy , lastly an anti-pressure vaccine which they will provide for the baby as to give the puppy enough strength and energy, I will be registering the puppies at the delivery agency today or tomorrow morning, once am done with the registration , the delivery agency will be contacting you on phone and they will also send you an email to let you know how the puppies will be delivered , like the departure and arrival time to make sure someone is at home at the time of arrival , also you will be sending the money to the delivery agency before they proceed with the delivery , that is, when they have the puppies ready to be delivered at their agency ,the delivery agency will let you know how you will be sending the money to them, so all you have to do is keep the money in cash as you will be sending it to them through money transfer before they proceed and wait for them to contact you today or tomorrow OK , so all i need to get the puppy registered tomorrow is your full delivery infos , so get back with your full delivery infos .

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