HR Fulfillment – Amore Skin Treatment

Theresa –

Victim Location 41091

Total money lost $175.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Upon searching Facebook, I came across an ad showcasing a trial of Amore Skin Brightening Face Cream. All you needed to do was purchase the shipping and you would receive a trial size of the cream. I searched and searched for anywhere that said you would be charged going forward. I found nothing. I placed the order, then two weeks later was charged $89.97. I called the customer service center where I was informed they have a "terms and conditions" page that states all of the above would take place. I assured her there was no such page. I asked for her to show me. She gave me the website "". Upon going to this site, I noticed this was not the site I originally made the purchase. I explained to her this wasn’t where I made my purchase and even gave great detail as to what it looked like. However, she only insisted they have just one site and wasn’t willing to even consider there could be another option. She (in a very sarcastic way) recommended I look through my browsing history to see where I landed. I thought that was actually a good idea and made her stay on the line while I looked for the site. I found it! I gave her the beginning of the address and had her type it in her address bar. She stated the site was ‘forbidden’. I then proceeded to give her the entire address (all numbers, letters and symbols). I don’t believe she was even typing it in as I heard no keyboard movement. As soon as I completed the address, she quickly stated, "This isn’t a website." Well, it is in fact a website, as I was staring right at it at the time of delivering the address to her. She simply didn’t try. I asked to speak with a supervisor. After being on hold for about 7-10min, no supervisor ever came on the line. I was forced to hang up.

The website I was previously routed to in order to make the purchase is: <span title="… />
The website given by the rep is:

These are clearly two separate websites and clearly a scam. Please do not fall for their product or lack of terms and conditions.

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