Jose –

Victim Location 36105

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Advertised teacup yorkies for sale, $500.00. Found puppy I wanted. Since very late at night, I used the "CONTACT US" page on website for info on puppy instead of calling phone number given on the website. A few hours later, received text message about the yorkie puppy I wanted to purchase. Said puppy would be $500.00 and would be shipped free of charge via air. If I paid that day, I would receive my puppy in two days. We text messaged back and forth. Person on other end never gave name or any personal info. Person texting kept want me to buy in a hurry. Told person I would feel better talking in person than just texting. Finally, man called about yorkie. He had accent and was very hard for me to understand. He said he would not take Pay Pal and wanted me to go to nearest Wal-Mart and send him money for my puppy. I told him I did not have transportation and could go thru Pay Pay. He said he did not do Pay Pal. I had contacted my daughter between messages. We both looked up phone number on website advertising the yorkies for sell. Phone number was I believe, in Michigan. The man emailed me and told me the puppy would be shipped from their home in Abilene, Texas. The puppy was AKC registered and I would have all breeding rights. My heart was set on that one special puppy. Needless to say, my heart is broken. One good thing, my daughter had the good sense to look after her mother’s best interest and questioned the whole transaction. She finally talked me out of making a financial mistake. If your heart over-rules your head, be sure to keep all transactions notes, emails, pictures, text messages, etc. like I did. You never know when you may need them. BUYERS BEWARE!!! Remember the the old saying, IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE; IT MORE THAN LIKELY IS —– NOT TRUE—–!!!!!!!!

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