HTTPS Microsoft Support

Craig –

Victim Location 01605

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was browsing through my email late last night when I received a pop up web page that read "HTTPS Microsoft Support" with a warning that my computer had been compromised by a virus. On the page it gave a number to call: ‘8182934530’ to contact this "Microsoft tech support". My entire browser locked up and I was unable to escape/close the page. It also stated that several of my social media and banking accounts where under threat of being compromised and that I should call the number immediately to have the issue resolved. When I called the number, the person who picked up had a strong foreign accent and was very hard to understand. The final red flag that led me to believe it was a scam was when they started requesting payment for support to remove the virus(s). Beware of these Microsoft Support imposters, they can be very convincing and are only out to pray on trusting individuals who sadly fall victim to their schemes.

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