Humanitarian department of the CDBGP community development block grant program

Margaret –

Victim Location 89178

Type of a scam Government Grant

received a note on "messenger" from someone that I am an acquaintance with asking me if I heard the news or been contacted by CDBGP grant. Several messages back and forth with person I think is my friend stating it is a give back money offer in 2018 for retired, deaf, disabled, widowed, self employed, unemployed. One of the messages from friend says, says she got $65,000 and thinks I should contact them and asks if I want the number. Friend replies to text message to 727-998-2815 and asks that I keep her posted after I contact them. I sent text message to this number and the reply was from Rogers Billy Johnson who asks for full name so that they can check it out on beneficiaries database and I gave them my name. Next message says, Congratulations, your profile names is still available on our winners list and your grant money is still available for claiming. Lengthy messages follow about how you can use the money, that it never has to be repaid and asking if I am ready to fill out claim form.

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