Humble Veiw

Ann –

Victim Location 90808

Type of a scam Rental

I went into the internet looking for a house for rent. I put my name and email address in next to the picture of a house on Claremore. I received an email form a man claiming to be Edward Kurowski. He stated he was transferred to Houston for his job and was looking for someone who would take good care of his home. I replied with interest. He send me a list of questions called the application including the name and number of two references. In less than 24 hours he replied back saying congratulations you got the house. He claimed two others wanted to give him 3 months in advance but he and his wife chose me instead. I replied great! He then called me, right away I thought it was strange that he sounded like he was maybe African or Nigerian. He instructed me to go to the nearest Bank of America and deposit $1450cash into an account he would give me the account number for. (deposit for the house ). Then send him a picture of the receipt and he would send me the keys and the paper work for the house. I explained I was not comfortable doing that since I had never seen the inside of the house and I have never net him. He was very convincing but I insisted I would not send it unless I met him or at least say the house first so he replied the deal is off.

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