I Times

Nichole –

Victim Location 33837

Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop-up message box with corresponding looping audio message appeared on computer while in use advising hacking attempt that will endanger Microsoft’s network has been detected. Please contact provided toll-free number 877-561-2134. If no call received will report incident to appropriate law enforcement. When called number assured were connected to Microsoft Security Division in Chicago and will help. Asked for permission to access laptop and assess situation. Showed program code to corroborate Trojan horse virus and 6 or so hacking attempts. Recommended work with next level up (Level 5) tech support technician to clear and resolve at service charge of $***. Also sold 2 year service contract for continuing tech support for $***. This being comparable to tech support quotes obtained from company whose make of computer we have when we first connected it raised no alarm. Since we were not sure we would keep this model that support was never put in place. They worked on it over an hour then did a tour of what was removed and the new security software installed – webroot secure anywhere. Payment was to be by one time electronic debit to our checking account. This occurred on a Sunday afternoon. When the computer was next used early Monday morning and was even slower and I could not open Google Chrome which they had newly installed I became suspicious and looked for a way phone Microsoft to verify them as valid third party contractor service. Not succeeding I went to our local Staples Tech Support group to either get a way to speak to Microsoft or verify the legitimacy of the company. The company did not come up on their research and they advised the script to what happened was a scam. We then talked with our bank. The fact that the electronic debit had not gone through further emphasized this would not be legitimate as businesses that offer that billing service are able to do so within a few hours not in excess of 24 hours. Our bank immediately closed the checking account and opened a new one for us. No money has actually been collected by I times. They have called over 25 times since the incident but we do not return their call. Most likely a call last week leaving a request to call back or legal action would be taken is also linked to this incident.

William –

Victim Location 85143

Total money lost $1,176

Type of a scam Identity Theft

My laptop came up with a warning that due to security issue and virus Microsoft locked my computer and to call for support. They sounded convincing and got access to my computer to fix and repair the cost of that was $*** then advised to have security software installed by them at a cost of $*** for lifetime protection. They also got my banking info as this was the method they said for payment.

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