I Tunes

Alexis –

Victim Location 72021

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a $25 ITunes gift card. I loaded it onto my phone. It only gave me credit for $9.77. At that point I called ITunes Customer Service. 855-779-6060 I called that number and they requested additional money. I located the phone number from the internet. I spoke with C J and his supervisor. The supervisor told me I needed to purchase another $100 gift card. The supervisor did not give me a name. I asked them to block or shut down my account. They stated i would have to purchased another $100 gift card. That would be the only way I could stop people from hacking my account. I called Apple at 1-800-233-0361 I explained what happened. I was told that is not their policy.Tthey would never ask a customer to purchase additional cards. Apple or ITune. I did not purchase the additional card for $100. I am reporting the scam.

Jordan –

Victim Location 16033

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Other

Victim found what he thought was a phone number for Apple, to help with moving pictures from wife’s Iphone. The person he spoke to said his Apple account had been hacked. He would need to buy $200 Itunes gift card to retrieve the $600 that had been taken. Process was repeated with another $200 itunes card and then a $400 itunes. Victim read gift card numbers over the phone to scammer and the amounts were immediately spent.

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