IAA Buyer/International Finance Corporation

Lydia – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 66062

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by the scammer pretending to be a friend of mine on FB Messenger. He mentioned that he received a grant recently and did I know anything about. I said no and he asked if I was interested. He then gave me a contact to a Carlene Bessey who contacted me fictitiously. Carlene took some basic information from me and said I would get an email from the International Finance Corp about the Grant. After I received the email she

the got a more information and said I would be approved. I thought it was a little fast but since it was my friend I did not read into it. I then was asked to chose projected grant denomination amount. I submitted 2,000 dollars for a 150,000.00 grant

I made the transfer through Zelle. Afterwards I was pressed for a screenshot of the transaction. At that time I realized something was wrong. I contacted my friend and asked him did he IM me this morning he replied no. From there I new it was a scam. I rushed to the bank to attempt to stop the transfer, but it was too late. I agree called the IFC and they said they did work for impoverished and developing countries. I got on messenger with Carlene and asked to speak with some. A man called me would not give his name and kept asking for the transaction screenshot. I said I would like a refund, and he kept stressing that I needed to give him the screenshot transaction.

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