Tracy –

Victim Location 72034

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Other

I recently stumbled across this page called ‘I am upset’ who claims to do paid promotion for your content. This page has a good amount of followers so I thought it would be a good way to promote my work. I had a conversation with them & they assured me that they are going to feature one of my videos on their page for a negotiated fee. But once they received the payment they stopped replying to my messages & didn’t even feature the video. I sent them countless messages for confirmation of the payment but when the Admin still didn’t care to respond, I lost my cool & I threatened him that I am going to report this page to Facebook & rant about it publically. Next day he replied stating that his page was apparently banned for 2 weeks & that’s why he couldn’t reply, which was not entirely true because I asked one of my friends beforehand to message them regarding their feature packages as kind of a sting operation and they were promptly replying to him but ignoring my texts. I sent the screenshot of my friend’s conversation with them to the page’s Admin, to which he said that the “ban” meant he didn’t have any “excuse” to reply with and then had the audacity to reply with a rude & racist comment (see screenshot and this was their last reply till date). Whereas I simply wanted a confirmation about the payment in the first place, that’s all… What’s the harm in responding to that?

I already told them that I don’t want to get my video featured on their portal anymore as I am simply not comfortable dealing with such ignorant people, even if they do it for free.

It’s been over a week now but still no response from their side & they still haven’t returned my money. I already reported it to facebook multiple times but no help from that either. I honestly don’t know what to do now,

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