IASIS Healthcare

Manuel –

Victim Location 80421

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent a text from 615-807-5976 regarding a job posting for Admin/Data Entry paying $30.75/hr. When I responded they directed me to someone via Hangouts. The interview was conducted via Google Hangouts. I received a job offer next day with a contract on business letterhead. I was then told to proceed with "training" for 1 week then I will meet in person to sign W2 documents. I thought it strange when I received a "startup check" for home office equipment in the amount of $6810. I would need to deposit the check, almost immediately it seemed, and email the deposit slip/receipt. This is where I became aware of the situation as in most cases the deposit slip will have your bank account information. The instructions that came with the check were typed on a standard sheet of paper with no letterhead. After further research we came across a few articles explaining the same scenario.

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