Iceland Samoyed Sarena

Larry –

Victim Location 98031

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was scammed for $750. I found a website that breeds Samoyed puppies. The website was I filled out my information and soon enough they message me back a few hours later. I spoke with the person through email and text messages. They had a few puppies that were available. it’s on their website.

I chose the one I wanted and continued to speak with them through email and text. The person said the best way what’s to use MoneyGram. I was very skeptical at first had a gut feeling that it was a scam I continue to ask questions. I needed reassurance the person message me back stating that they were a Christian man or woman of 56 years. And that they wouldn’t do anything to make people lose money. they told me to check out their testimonials on their websites from other clients.

I’m pretty good at spotting scams but I felt for this one hard because I was really looking forward to get this for my daughter. I let it get to me.

I proceeded to the nearest MoneyGram and wire the money. they said that as soon as they receive payment they will get the paperwork ready to transfer over to my name and send the puppy to the Transport company at the airport. The Transport company was Pacific Pets transport. They too have it website.

Everything seems so legit from the websites to the testimonials to the pictures. After a few hours of waiting the man or woman message me back saying that they got all the paperwork is ready and the puppies getting sent to the Transport company I just wait for them to send me an email confirmation stating that the puppies there. An hour to goes by and I received an information with tracking number and everything.

Transport company states that they have a professional there that advised me to use a different crate from the crate that that person dropped the puppy off with. The crate that they wanted me to use needed to have temperature control for the type of puppy that it was. And they too sent me a PDF file for MoneyGram for me to purchase another crate which they say was refundable. The Creed’s range from 850 to $1,600 depending on which one I chose.


I found it awkward that a Transport company would email me or send me a PDF of some MoneyGram file to send money. and stated that I pay it ASAP or I will get charged $9,000 and get reported to the quarantine company for animal abuse.

I didn’t follow through with their instructions so I decided to give him a call to no response I called and I called and I emailed after emailed no response. The man or woman who had dropped the puppy off I called them to and and they two didn’t respond. I wasn’t about to move forward by sending them another 850 or $1,600 until I get human contact. Halfway there today or two and continue to call them to no response.

I feel violated, embarrassed and ashamed that I let this happen to me.

Please stop the slow life before they get other people that are less fortunate than I am.

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