Kelsey –

Victim Location 85364

Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a message on messenger from freind.. said she received 80,000. Just had to pay a clearing fee.. gave me a number to text. I ask to call to talk about what the program is about. ..They didnt want to talk.. asked all information.. name, phone number, address.. i didnt give any.. finally today said could talk. But i am not calling. This is the conversation..

I was told about some grants by a freind.. texting to see if i have any qualifications to receive one

Alight what’s your name.

Laura Patterson

Alright ma’am I’ll need few details about you for you to apply

Full name:




Any disability:


Are you there ma’am?(them, because i dint respond right away..)

May i call i am driving? (Me)

Text whenever you have time.

Hi… you sure we cant talk.. I am working now and can talk and still type.

Alright we can talk (them)..

i called no answer..

Barry –

Victim Location 53948

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Left a message on my phone asking for me by name. Said I had a bounced check and she was calling on behalf of ICF I have one chance to contact ICF to resolve this claim. Said failure to resolve this claim will result in documents being served to your home or place of bussiness. She gave me a claim #. Then at the end said you have been notified. I called the number (855) 202-3940 some guy answered and asked for my claim number. I asked some questions he was short asked if Nancy had contacted me. I asked his name he said John with ICF, then he got flustered and I could hear him say what the ***. Then said oh I will take you off the list then. 

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