IDP International Development Program

Larry – Jul 21, 2020

Victim Location 55406

Type of a scam Government Grant

I rec’d a FB Messenger text from a friend asking did I hear about the"ongoing special intervention funds" I said no. The next day we had a long conversation via text where I was sent a few videos and the web address of the company. I was then pressured to apply right now because they only had one reference to give. I suspected this was not my friend and made 2 deliberate mistakes but was not corrected.

Following is the opening text:

"is anew program to help wiwth bills, buying of house, house repairs, starting a business etc. applied and got $50000 after paying $1000 as delivery fee. it is not a loan you dont need to pay back"

When I said I wanted to confer with my husband the response was "why".

I attempted to research the company during the chat but nothing came up on or the site.

The website references the and the United States Department of the Treasury plus other partners.

The conversation went on for more than an hour

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