Iftikhar Ahmad

Eric –

Victim Location 32177

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

We received a call yesterday (07/31/19 on our home phone with the Caller ID saying it was from Iftikhar Ahmad, who is a well-know local doctor. My husband was told he could get help with his back pain (which he has been having for several weeks). He was told that it wouldn’t cost him anything, that Medicare would pay for it. After the call, my wife began to suspect that it was a scam call. She tried to call Dr. Ahmad’s office, only to repeatedly get a wrong number/ wrong code message. Attempts to call the number that called us resulted in the same wrong number message. My wife called the sheriff’s office–they had not heard of this particular scam here. She also called my doctor’s office to inform them in case they received a related call.One of our friends told us that Dr, Ahmad is no longer in private practice, but is working at the Putnam County Health Department. My wife called the Health Department so they could inform Dr. Ahmad that his name is being used in a scam. Our friend also told us that her sister knows someone in Georgia who received a similar call, and was billed over $1000 for a back brace. When they refused to pay it, they were sent to a collection agency, and had to take it to court to get out of it. We have frozen our credit bureau reports and will wait to see if we receive a back brace in the mail.

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