IGM Financial Inc.

Natasha –

Victim Location 70506

Type of a scam Employment

Im not to sure what this company does even after reading their website but everything they do seems a little sketchy. The first thing they do is they contact you via text message from someone claiming to be Mr. Haley Iverson. I asked the guy how did he get my phone number he said off of my resume on indeed so i presumed to believe he was looking for reasonable candidates. I was told to install hangout to have a video chat. The pay was my first red flag because as good as it sounds 40 dollars and hour to sit at home and work sounds a little unreasonable. Once you install the video chat your prompted to speak to a guy name Pablo. Speaking to him was unprofessional. I went back on indeed and searched for previous applications i applied for an non seemed to show this IGM company. I thank tried Louisiana hire website and same, none was there but i remembered he said he pulled my application. So i decided to check on ScamPulse.com and see if anyone else reported this company, and i found one single report. When something doesn’t seem right follow your gut and everything about his contact method and how they approached things didnt seem like a company that gave them 100% success rate each and every time.

Marie –

Type of a scam Employment

I work with a participant who was offered a position as a "funds manager", he had money deposited into his bank account and was told to take the money out in cash and send funds to another individual through Western Union. All had to be done within the same business day.

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