Holly –

Victim Location 63501

Total money lost $415.26

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Mark Randal is the man’s name… advertising on facebook false product getting credit card info and then charging the card every two weeks twice under two different names. Of course customer never receives anything. When I called and told him I was going to dispute the charges he threatened me saying if I did I would never see my money again. Only if i waited for the product to arrive , which is being delayed due to bad weather, and if I return it properly I would get a refund 7-10 business days after HE received it back. He never mentioned the name of the product. It wasn’t until I looked it up online I realized it was teeth whitener. All the money he has charged my account I could have bought so many crest whitening strips 30 years from now I’ll be having the whitest dentures. In the home. Lol. I hope you are able to find this man and discover how it is he is using facebook and company names to rip people off. You think with brains like that he would be running a fortune 500 co instead of breaking the law and hurting innocent people. Mind boggling. Well hope you have a great day and I thank you for your time and service.

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