Image Center

Eugene –

Victim Location 68132

Type of a scam Other

I received a phone call 2 days ago from a gentleman from a company called Image Center. He wanted to let me know our toner/ink prices were going up for 2016. He had our printer number and knew I was the contact person for toner. He didn’t ask us to place an order. He was very friendly and he apologized for not calling sooner about the increase toner price. He said because of that the toner would still be the 2015 for the first quarter.

He called back today and said that he wanted to confirm our black toner order. I had not ordered it but thought a coworker might have ordered. He recorded the conversation and when I asked for future toner calls do I need to contact Image Center or Marco (our printer service company). He said call Image Center. I thought this was weird but the printer company was bought out by another company earlier this year. I called Marco to double check if this was someone affiliated with them and they told me it was a scam.

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