Impersonating Boston North End Realty

Alison – Sep 01, 2020

Scammer’s phone 18669787299 ext. 404

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 19 Prosper St. #205, Cambridge, MA 02139

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Initial means of contact Phone

I was called by Jessie Galloway on July 15,2020 as the sales representative and offered to purchase our membership in Cancun Mexico for 48625$ usd. Upon agreeing they say I have to pay for Temporary Naturalization (4054$usd) and Tax Identification Number (518$usd) that the buyer will reimburse with the final price. Then his senior broker Mr. Richard Vallee called me by convincing me that it would be best to put this on Legal and Recording (4752$usd) so that Mexico won’t suspect any suspicious event. Effortless Escrow LLC is the company that is assigned for the resale of our membership. Prior to waiting for our disbursement date September 4, about two weeks left. Jessie apologizes that he made a mistake on the time line of the processing for 30 days only. Now Mr. Vallee called me that our funds is retained due to the passing the due date. For us to be able to finally get it, I have to pay 5720$usd. At this point I think I’m being scammed that is why I need to report it. I spent to much money already since I’m from Canada that I’m not going to sent another cent or penny!

Johnny – Jul 18, 2020

Victim Location 48310

Total money lost $11,026.50

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

On 5/15/20, we received a call from an Alex Prisco, who presented himself as a realtor with Boston North End Realty and asked whether we are interested in selling our timeshare in Mexico. I said yes. So they sent us an introductory email showing their website and who they were. On 5/21/20 an escrow company called Effortless Escrow, LLC, (Leo Rivas) sent us a purchase agreement on the property showing $43,000 as the agreed sales price. All costs, will be borne by the buyer. On 5/28 , the escrow company sent us a copy of a bank statement from HSBC, Mexico, showing the amount is in escrow.

On 6/2/20 Mark from Boston called advising us that we have to pay the amount of $4,572 for the Mexico temporary nationality and tax ID. Mark advised that the buyer is willing to pay for this but that it has to come initially directly from our account and the amount will be included in our escrow account in Mexico. We did the transfer on 6/12 and was provided proof that the amount was in escrow. The estimated closing date was 7/17/20.

On 7/2/20 Richard Valee called advising that , yet again, we have to pay for the State Taxes in Mexico for the property we are selling in the amount of $6,454.50. At this point in time, we were already feeling that this could be a scam . however, due to the convincing power of Richard we again agreed. A revised escrow statement which included the about amount for State taxes paid for by the buyer, was sent to us on 7/6/20.

We were eagerly waiting for our closing on 7/17/20. Then on 7/16, a day before closing, Richard called again and claimed that the buyer made the incorrect move of applying with Mexico to record the transaction… which was supposed to protect both the buyer and the seller. I told Richard of our disappointment and frustration and advised him that I will get back with him the following day of our decision.

That night, I looked at the documents they sent which was signed by a Dr Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya who was supposed to be with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico. I researched on the website and found out that he has not been with that department since 2018. I also went to the and searched on Boston NorthEnd Realty and found out that there was an ALERT on this company by the actual owner , Eric Keller, who has been bombarded with complaints from scammed individuals/couples. The legit company is based at 20 Prince St, Boston MA and has only been in the industry for 2 years. He has not even put up his own website.

Eric has already advised and lodged a complaint with BBB, the FBI , the local police in Massachusetts, but nothing has really happened. The total amount we were scammed was $11,026.50. We just want to put these people where they deserve to be. All of us who have been scammed saved these hard earned money. With God’s intervention and hopefully the police, we pray that there won’t be more people who will be hurt with what these [censored]s.

Clinton – Jun 23, 2020

Victim Location 38112

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

My sister and I co-own a Vacation Owner Membership in Cancun purchased in 2017. Sister was approached by phone several months ago by a real estate agent, Alex Prisco with Boston North End Realty. She told him she would not speak to him without me also on the phone. He was very polite and patient as it took awhile for me to make time for him. Over a period of weeks we spoke and exchanged emails. Things were slow as it took time on his end as well because he was the agent between us and the buyer (who was buying a group of memberships including ours). Alex sent us a proposal which we agreed on, an Purchase Offer was made to the buyer, it was accepted, then funds were put into Effortless Escrow, LLC by the buyer. We received escrow updates then a Sales Agreement. All seemed to be above board as we were told all along that no money would come from us, not even the 5% commission would be given to Alex until we received our funds by check known as a double disbursement (our check clears then he gets his money). The red flag came up when the Sr. broker went over the Sales Agreement with us. He, Mark Lively explained all of the fees and costs are paid by either the buyer or the real estate company until the technicalities of the RFC # were explained. The Mexican Tax ID number needs to be paid by us BUT will be reimbursed as noted in paragraph 4, section D, of the revised sales agreement. We would be reimbursed $4,572 in addition to the purchase price. This is the point in which I knew we had been taken but fortunately no money or account information had transpired.

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