Jerome – Jul 15, 2020

Total money lost $5,500

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I apply a loan on line. And this company implefinancing replied to me and tell me I am approved for loan and ask me to contact their customer representative his name ***** ****** on May 6. He text me about the loan condition as follow

your loan is for ($30,000 )($ 363.98 a month 10 years 8 % APR ) total payback is $43,677.98.YOU can use as security. 1.(ownership of the value worth of the loan or more (NO) mortgages, must be fully entitled to collateral. – signer must be 25 years old and employed full time, minimum two years employed, clean credit , responsible for all missed payments, sin and two references. Spouses can’t co-sign .

3. In-house credit program

Imple Financing Acts as your co-signer,covers up to 2 years of payments, requirements are ($3,000) basic security deposit which is refundable after (ONE) consecutive payment is made.

4. You can make (6) monthly payments in advance As security deposit .$2,183.88.

I choose #4 because this is the only way.

One day later he sent me contract and told me the fund will be deposited to my account within 2-4 hours if I made a deposit today. He also send me a e transfer information as ******************* to ***** ******* . After I sent, I called him back and he told me he will take care of it and ask me to call him back 4 hours later, 4 hours later I called him back and he told me he still negotiate with lender because after checking my credit history, I am in high risky , he ask me to call him back the next day. The next day he transfer me to another person her name call ******** *****, she told me because I am in high risk so the lender need me to pay 6 month addition to get my loan approved. But she said I can $1200 in order for her to talk to the lender. So I sent her e transfer with same person again. One day later I talk with her and she told me the money not enough they really need another 6 month of deposit in order to release the fund. One day later she told me that I also need $1200 lender fee and the balance of another 6 month Deposit. Because I need money in hurry so I agree to pay them. Because they have trouble in receiving e transfer so I pay the deposit to ***** *** bank account. My final deposit is made on May 26, 2020. After I made the finally, I can never reach ********. I try to call ***** back and asking for refund. He told me that ******** is on vacation and will be back on Jun 15. After Jun 15 , I call ***** and he told me the cheque will send out that Friday , or I pay another $1000 and get my fund instantly. At this time I refused and I just want my money. Of course , it never houng to happen. I try his company website and now is no longer working.

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