Imposter – G M S Group

Nicholas –

Victim Location 46131

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was first left a voice mail from an unknown caller who said he would be there the next day with papers I would need to sign. He gave me phone number and a file number. I called and they were asking about a debt dating back to either 2009 or 2011 he gave me both years. I told him I did not know what he was talking about but he offered to settle a 9,000 debt for 2,000 however I needed to pay because he could only keep the file on his desk for 24 hrs. He suggested I make some phone calls The next morning same unknown caller left me a message that he had not been given a stop order so to make myself available with photo Id he would be there between 12 and 5. I called the police. He called them and said it could be a civil suit. He said I could call them if anyone came. However no one showed up.

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