Imposter Novartis Corporation

Christian –

Victim Location 11236

Type of a scam Employment

An individual by the name of Michael Lee reached out to me for an interview opportunity and advised me to reach out to Roy Schonberg a hiring manager. I completed an interview with Mr. Roy and was offered a position. He informed me that the position is working from home and my title would be customer service representative / administrative assistant. He then informed me that I will be receiving a startup check to buy my supplies since I will be working from home. I received a check for $2,950 and I deposited the check. When I informed Mr. Roy he told me there’s a long hold on this check and I will be sent another check. I received my second check for $3,150 and I deposited that check as well. Next day, he advised me to send some individual money to place an order through zelle. I didn’t do that so then he advised me to go to my nearest drugstore and purchase some gift cards. At this point, I realized that this was a scam. I told him I’m not interested and he told me to return the funds from the check I deposited. I informed him I wouldn’t be doing that since the funds aren’t even made available on my account. I ended communication with him. I went to my bank today to inform them about the situation. I went to the bank to inform them as well, being that the money wasn’t taken out of the account there was no need to file a police report. I have also informed the real Novartis Company about there being an impersonator scamming individuals with this company name. I am filing this complaint so there aren’t any more victims and this can eventually help someone else.

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