Imposter – Store Post LLC

Troy –

Victim Location 62948

Type of a scam Employment

I dont know about the validity of this yet, but it seems fishy. I was filling out applications. None of them were for anything called store post. I received an email asking me to fill out the rest of the application and video interview questions. I did this, and received a call from OH the person left a voicemail, I called back and didn’t they didn’t answer. The next day I received a call from a WI number, they asked me some silly questions and and said that I would "Receive an email that ‘I’ could respond to"

If that isnt fishy enough the address that was given was a tower in Portland that I cant find the directory for. None of the names that i have seen thus far seem to have professional LinkedIn or Facebook profiles. On the website if you click the contact us section it gives you an address in Houston TX, a building that from what I can tell is vacant or for sale at least.

The original job I applied for was warehouse manager in Portland Oregon for some garage door manufacture/installer. when I looked them up they were based out of the Carolina some were.

I would like for this to be legitimate but nothing is adding up.

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