Imposter Wearable Technologies

Tyler –

Victim Location 76180

Type of a scam Employment

"Before I begin, let me be clear that Wearable Technologies is a legitimate and innovative company that has nothing to do with the attempted scam. Wearable Technology is indeed a thing and there may be a business out there with this name; but this one is NOT legit. The scammers were smart and used real names, a real person’s photo as their default picture on Google Hangouts. I initially received a text message from a manager from someone apart of the HR Department with WT.Red Flag 1 was the grammatical errors in the text messages. I gave them a email address to a Google Account that I rarely used and that’s how we connected through Google Hangout. I was asked very legit interview questions but Red Flag number 2 was when I was asked about the elevator fight between Jay Z and Solange. It was very commical and related to security so I went on with the process. They indicated they had received my resume and that they were reaching out to conduct a briefing and interview. As my resume is not stored online (to my knowledge!), I approached it as possibly legit, because I was applying for other jobs through another site. I was still very guarded since I am a Cyber Security Major…

They invited me to log into Google Hangouts for the briefing and interview. During the interview, normal questions about what I could bring and strengths/weaknesses, etc were asked and I was advised to log in at 9am the next morning for an update. The next morning, I was offered the position and received, via email, an offer and welcome letter. I was also told I would receive a check with which to buy materials and would receive specific instructions AFTER I deposited the money.This was Red Flag 3 because I was told that I would be sent a MacBook Pro and a $3000 check. If I was being sent a computer, what was the check for?! When I started questioning the check and banks, Edward became real aggravated that I was asking a ton of questions.He also told me to "hurry" and contact my bank on how much money can be deposited via check. At this point, I was set on not providing them ANY bank account information, social, anything relating to PII. Fortunately, all they got from me was my name and address…and a rarely used Gmail account address. After listening to my inner red flags(more that I’ve listed), I did research how these types of people, the company, and on there website. The job position was very legit, also promising me $35 an hour. Because of the time zone, I sent a message to Edward Challis stating that I am VERY EDUCATED in Online Crime and everything that we’ve spoke about it a crime. I finally came to site and founf four others that went through the same issue. I’m sure they wont try to send me the "PDF CHECK" they claimed; because I let them know that they’re scamming.So, I am posting this to warn others…follow your gut and run before these scammers obtain your peronal information. Be extremely cautious…I also have a REAL employment company that often sends me email ensuring me that they employers are to NEVER conduct interviews through email, chatting, or offering to send money and account information.I’ve also posted the Offter Letter that was sent to me.

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