Sheila –

Type of a scam Employment

*** alert tip off —Offered Job without interview or phone call or ZIP –just a employment agreement

most likely a scam —

Thru Indeed — Sales

page one :

Your recent application for Assistant Clerk has been approved by the Personnel Department.

Your abilities appear suitable to the needs ImTech Group and we offer you a position.

Dear xxxx ,

Please see the "Job Description" file for more details about current position.

At ImTech Group, every employee is an important member of the company. I hope that you will accept our offer and that the salary offer is commensurate with your expectations. The decision was a tough one since many qualified people were being considered. However, your creativity and enthusiasm won out over the others. I personally feel that the right choice was made.

What Is the Next Step?

1. Identity document*: scan and send it back.

* To verify your identity you have to send us a scan of your ID, passport or DL.

You may use scanner/digital camera/web camera. Your document will only be used for verification purposes and will be stored in a secure area.

2. Employment Agreement: fill-in, print, sign, scan and send it back.

If you are happy with the proposed terms and wish to accept this offer of employment, please sign the duplicate copy of agreement and return it to me within 3 days. In the event I have not heard from you by that date, this offer will be automatically withdrawn on that date.

Tomorrow we’ll give you a call! Please let us know best time to speak with you.

If you disagree with, or do not understand or wish to clarify anything in this offer, please contact me to discuss any issue you wish to raise.

My best to you in this new undertaking.

Best Regards

Manager, *** ***

Head Office

Capilano Business Park II – Unit 208, Vancouver, BC V7P 37P

Tel: +1 604 200 3319

page 2 ——-

cant copy but job offer and job description seems to be going in the direction of cash / phoney cheque funneling which you will get burnt —transfers of money for international customers who cant bank in Canada ?? say what ??–

other — further investigation – one website link went to a actual legit " Marine electronics company with similar name in Vancouver tho no other phone #’s / address or info matches

–Scam written all over it –tho legit appearance —

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