Natasha –

Victim Location 35749

Type of a scam Employment

I had been job hunting for a couple weeks when I received an email from a person describing themselves as an HR recruiter for Incipio Technologies. They requested an online interview through google hangout and set a later date and time. When I attempted to make the interview time as requested, they asked for a delay due to "a brief meeting" 2 hours later they initiated the interview through chat only, no video. After a protracted interview process, they made the "job offer" attached in the image. Essentially, they were offering a very large salary, but required the purchase of several expensive software packages along with the purchase of a new Macbook (all paid for by them of course). Due to the oddity of a job offer after one interview and no video or phone calls, I looked up the website for Incipio. Everything seemed okay. I found a number for their headquarters on Facebook and called to make sure they had someone name "Ted Larryson" and "Sammie Kiels" employed there. The receptionist said they did not, and after I informed her of the reason for my call she requested I speak to their HR department and report the scammers information to them. They were aware of the "Sammie Kiels" scammer, but did not have information on "Ted Larryson." I obviously did not accept the scammers job offer.

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