Indianapolis police dept impostor

Monica –

Victim Location 45140

Type of a scam Other

The detective called and said that my son wanted to talk to me and they put a man on the phone who was crying pretending to be my son that I couldn’t hardly understand then they proceeded to lie and say that my son had been in a car wreck and a woman had been injured and lost a baby because of the car wreck and that my son may be put in jail because of it. They said that the officer had tested my son and because of his medicine his testing came out wrong and he was over the five point Mark. So they were putting him in jail until they could see the cam that was on the intersection where the wreck happened to try to verify my son story that he was on medicine and that he was not responsible because the person driving the other car ran the light. Then they proceeded to tell us that the bond to get my son out of jail was $15,000. When they couldn’t get that they said that they would get it down to $6000 and we told him we didn’t have that much so they reduced it down to $980 and said after we told him we didn’t have any money that they may let him out on his own reconnaissance and that they would call us back which they never dId.

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